[SCORES] Day 2 of the Call of Duty World League ALL SCORES and HIGHLIGHTS

Things we learned: 

OpTic may need a bit more S&D practice to be the formidable team they were in Advanced Warfare. OG’s #greenwall hasn’t been looking as solid over the past two days of league play.  The team is obviously solid, and arguably the most talented in CoD esports at the moment, but some decision making in the Search rounds has cost them maps.  Disclaimer: you’ll see a lot of OpTic v eLevate in the highlights section.  The match was wild, competitive, and very entertaining.

Aches may be back and ready to dominate.  It’s still a little early to tell, but while playing for Envy Aches has looked more lethal and frightening than he looked for the whole of the last title.  Scroll down to check out the HP highlight of him below.  Will Black Ops 3 manage to keep his attention and thus his fire for competing?  Or will he start out hot and fizzle quickly?  Most competitive CoD fans can agree, love him or hate him, competitive CoD is fun to watch when Aches is playing at his best.

Even royalty makes mistakes.  King Jurd stunned with back to back aces to bring his team to 3-3 in Millenium’s S&D map against TCM- but managed to kill himself with his own lightning strike during the 7th round.

Nagafen is a creative force.  He regularly comes up with unexpected plays wagers during his streaming sessions, and tonight he came through with more than one clutch play for eLevate against OG.   Check out our highlights below to see a beautiful wallrun and 3 piece.

Capture the Flag can be exciting.  Typically known as one of the slowest game modes with a “hide and seek” aspect that results in a lot of “hiding” in corners, the CTF game between OpTic and Elevate anything but timid.  The teams played quickly and aggressively, with Elevate eventually coming out the winner and taking OpTic to a Game 5.

The matches are often unpredictable.  Today H2K came behind from an 0-2 deficit to win three straight maps and the series against CLG.  The team of Fears, Legal, Phizzurp, and Lacefield is now 2-0 in the league.

Overall: a good start to the first ever Call of Duty World League.  No team has looked completely untouchable online, and some of the best teams on paper have had to fight for 5 map wins.  It’s good for competition, forces everyone to improve, and it’s entertaining for the fans.  Wins all around.

Highlights: (thank you to the friends at r/codcompetitive for saving these moments)

Nagafen with an ace in Elevate’s first S&D round against OpTic

 Aches “purifies” compLexity in HP

 Formal’s fast CTF pull and return in Elevate’s match against OpTic
Nagafen’s 3 piece against OpTic. 
The wild ending to the eLevate v OpTic Uplink map.

Day 2 Scores (All regions)

ANZ Region
OrbitGG 3-0 Team Immunity

Chiefs eSports Club 0-3 Mindfreak

Apotheon Esports ANZ 3-0 Exile5

Nv 0-3 Tainted Minds

EU Region
exceL eSports 3-1 Splyce

Giants Gaming 0-3 Epsilon eSports

TCM Gaming 0-3 Millenium

Team LDLC 0-3 Team Infused

Vitality 3-0 Pulse Gaming

NA Region
Counter Logic Gaming 2-3 H2K

Team EnVyUs 3-2 compLexity Gaming

OpTic Gaming 3-2 Team eLevate

FaZe Clan 3-1 LuminosityGG

Dream Team eSports 1-3 Team Kaliber

Question Mark 0-3 Rise Nation

The next league matches will be on January 19th and 20th.  See you then!