Esports Source is an esports creative organization established in 2015. All of the contributors are volunteers who are passionate about esports and the gaming industry. Some of us are freelance media professionals, some are seasoned sports writers trying something new, and all of us are interested in elevating esports journalism.

We are always interested in growing our ranks with talented writers who want to contribute thought provoking content (and make a name for themselves in the process). We can provide the space, the page views and the press credentials for conventions, tournaments, and other events when you’re ready to write.

This is a chance to improve your skills, raise your profile, grow your contact list, and talk/write about the subject you love without limits or strict deadlines.

We’re a collective of people like you.

Want to join us?  

Send your resume and 3 links to your best esports writing samples via our Contact Page.

Don’t have three links? Write 500 words on the esports subject of your choosing (you’ll be pitching your own ideas with us – assignments are only given to site staff) and publish it on Reddit, Medium, Buzzfeed Community, or a similar self-publishing site and send us the link. We are keen to connect with passionate and professional esports writers from all backgrounds with varied levels of experience.

Applications will only be accepted via the Contact Page.

Who is eligible to become a ES Contributor?

Anyone 18 years of age and over.

What type of articles will ES Contributors write?

We’re flexible. You can write opinion pieces, listicles, news items, reactions to news items, and more.

Will we be able to choose the articles we write?

You’ll be able to pitch articles of your own choosing, as well as choose from available assignments from staff members. You’ll focus on your area of expertise (for example, we wouldn’t ask a CS:GO writer to write about SMITE – unless they’re also a fan of that title).

How many articles per month are expected from ES Contributors?

Right now, ES Contributors are required to publish at least one article/piece of unique content per month to be considered active.

Will articles be bylined with our real name?

ES Contributors are encouraged to use their real names; but we know situations where this is not desirable, and we can accept some gamertags or nicknames in lieu of your real name.

Will we be able to publish ES Contributor articles elsewhere?

Articles published to will be the sole property of Esports Source and cannot be published elsewhere without permission.

You have ads on your site – where does the money go?

We only recently (April 2017) allowed Adsense banners on the site to offset server and site maintenance costs. Most of our readers use ad blocking software so we don’t receive much in the way of that kind of revenue, and we also don’t want to sacrifice esports content space for other advertising.

We strongly believe writers should be paid for their work when providing profit-making content for a business. We operate as a volunteer collective for that reason. If you want to contribute, we’re happy to have you. If you do not, that is fine.

We aren’t interested in exploiting experienced writers and we value your time and your skill. We want to help you find a job through our network of contacts.

TL;DR: We want to collaborate with like-minded video game writers, artists, and other content creators. If Esports Source changes its model to a for-profit business we will also change our contributor policy.

Can I write for another outlet and write for Esports Source?

We encourage it!

Check with the outlet first to make sure they’re fine with you volunteering elsewhere. We want you to get better at writing, network with other professionals and hobbyists, and have fun while doing it.