Call of Duty 2018 Rostermania: 100Thieves Squad Complete

It was a hot summer over on the r/CoDCompetitive subreddit, where speculation ran wild for weeks over OpTic Gaming’s new roster, the possibility (and eventuality) of 5v5 Call of Duty, Nadeshot’s return to the competitive scene as a team owner, and of course, the madness that is the yearly roster shuffle known as Rostermania.

Following Team Envy’s major money moves, 100Thieves was the next North American team to confirm its full 5v5 roster. Former Team Kaliber player Enable joins his old teammates Kenny and Fero on the squad, while Octane bounced from OpTic to 100T, and former Rise player Slasher rounds out the list.

Meanwhile, fan favorites OpTic Gaming added 3 new members to their roster today,Dashy, TJHaly, and the return of 3 time world champion Karma.

It’s an uncertain time in competitive Call of Duty, and it will continue for much of the rest of the off-season which runs until December.

Featured image courtesy of MLG.