[SFV] ELEAGUE Invitational Underway

The ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational is underway, and for the next month 32 of the best players from around the world will be competing at ELEAGUE’s studio in Atlanta for a share of the $250,000 prize pool.  More attractive than the prize pool for a month’s worth of play is the chance play against top competition in front of a potential television audience of millions on ELEAGUE’s parent company Turner Broadcasting’s station TBS as well as on international tv networks.  The first televised broadcast will be on March 31st.

Ricki Ortiz at ELEAGUE Prelims in Atlanta. Courtesy ELEAGUE

16 of players were invited to this event based on placings in the Capcom Pro Tour and an additional 16 players received a special invitation from Capcom.  Four groups of 8 players are competing in the initial stage of the tournament, and the top 6 players from each group will move on to what event organizers are calling the Regular Season: another group stage competition running April 7th through May 12th, with matches played on Fridays.   The top two players from the Regular Season move on to the Playoffs, where they will be seeded into an upper and lower bracket based on Regular Season results.  From there,  the players all go head to head for the chance to win the whole competition.

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A look at the format

Casters on Day One of the Prelims. Courtesy ELEAGUE
Casters on Day One of the Prelims. Courtesy ELEAGUE

Group Stage

Group A Infiltration Julio Fuentes Momochi Brolynho Ricki Ortiz A4 Punk MARN Smug
Group B Justin Wong GamerBee Daigo Umehara Eita PR Balrog Snake Eyez Alex Valle gllty
Group C Tokido Fuudo MOV FChamp Xian K-Brad Wolfkrone Gootecks
Group D NuckleDu Xiao Hai Phenom Luffy Chris Tatarian Ryan Hart LI Joe LPN


March 27-30: Preliminary Group Stages, Play begins at 4pm

Fridays only, April 7-May 12: Regular Season

May 26: Playoffs and Final

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